My name is Pogo. I May be tiny, but God knows me. God Knows You, no matter your size! 
My name is Ruby. When I call to my friends, I make all kinds of noise. God made me easy to hear as I fly through my rainforest home. You don't have to be loud for God to hear you. Whether you're super loud or really quiet, God Hears You!
 KidVid Day 2 - John
My name is Wilder. God made my monkey friends and me soft and cuddly. That can be comforting when life is hard. My cozy, comfy fur can remind you that God comforts you!
 KidVid Day 3 - The Comfort Crew
 My name is Grace. I didn't always have these beautiful blue wings. i started off as a caterpillar, but God changed me completely. God's love can change your heart and make you a new creation too, because God forgives you!
My name is Raymond. I may not stand out; God made me to blend into my surroundings. Even when you feel like you blend in, God sees you and has a special job just for you. God Chooses you!
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